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My Favorite Movies Which Took Place Underwater

When I think about movies that contain action underwater, I can’t help to rise with excitement and expectation about what they might bring. As a snorkel vacationist, I feel certain connection with these films as I love to see action on what I consider my second home: the underwater. Now, while there are not-so-good underwater movies (Piranha 3D) there are some exciting classics (Jaws) that actually make honor to an exciting trend of underwater films. The following are my five favorites:


Jaws The MovieI had to include this classic from 1975. I don’t care how old it is, it never gets old. This Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece is packed with a sufficient amount of action and thrill. It is one film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. At least I do remember the thrills I got when I first saw it; I was very young and I could not unglue my eyes from our house’s TV screen.

Into the blue

Jessica Alba in a sleek two-piece bikini graciously flipping at the bottom of the ocean. Need I say more? Add a talented and fit Paul Walker with an intriguing story and great cast of characters and this one makes it into my list. Now, I am aware of the fact that the film did not get so good reviews from critics and low IMDB rating. But hey, you get the Bahamas, the ocean, waves, drug-related action, Jessica, and well, you must watch.


PirhannaAnother classic from 1978. Many people, marine biologists maybe, have been on into criticizing the fact that the movie puts piranhas in a bad word. Well, maybe you just need to relax a little and consider that it is just a movie. I did like the scenes where the school of piranhas were approaching the beach. If you are a bit stomach-sensitive, you might want to have someone spoil it for you instead, as there is some gore as piranhas literally eat up people. But don’t worry, you will not get any of these ruining your snorkeling vacations.


These Beloved Movie Characters Have Had Their Fair Share of Beard Grooming Tips

There are dozens of beard styles out there to choose from, but if you are thinking of throwing the razor to the wayside and letting nature take over, take some tips from these epic beards that you can only find in Hollywood:

The Lord of the Rings – Gandalf the Whit

This is the perfect beard if you also have a magic wand in your pocket. White, straight and long, it is obvious that wand or not, Gandalf is holding onto to serious beard oil in his.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Jack Sparrow

Now you likely won’t get a promotion with shells hanging off of your chin, but this eccentric beard look is good for the aspiring hobo.

Kill Bill – Pai Mei

Okay, this one is a joke. We really think you should grow your eyebrows out like his.


The Thing – R.J. MacReady

We have seen Kurt Russel in a number of beard styles over the years decades, but none quite as thick and bushy as this thing he had going on.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – Steve Zissou of course

Just like Kurt, Bill Murray has a knack for facial hair, even when it is more than sprinkled with gray hair.

The Hangover – Alan Garner

Surprisingly, the most unrealistic thing about this movie was the beard Zach Galifianakis’ character was sporting. Who does that nowadays? Thank goodness he was heavy into top products like beard oil or that bushy thing would have been all over the place.

300 – King Leonidas

It is hard to focus on the beard with that much anger in the face. But still, if you want a fierce man look for the weekend, Gerard Butler may have some beard grooming tips for you.

Nighthawks – Deke DaSilva

If you we didn’t tell you then you wouldn’t know that the man hiding behind those mirrored shades and bushy beard was actually Sly Stallone. Before his Rocky trilogy gave him the money to buy some razors.

Cast Away – Chuck Noland

This one is really cool because we get to watch the progression from a baby faced Hanks to a scruffy dog look. It is just too bad that he never found any beard balm in one of those Fedex boxes.

The Man Who Would Be King – Daniel Dravot

Resist the urge to turn your TV upside down. Somehow Sir Connery managed to grow his beard around the chin.

Syriana – Bob Barnes

Only George Clooney could make a salt and pepper beard look that good.

Die Hard – Hans Gruber

Easily one of the best bad guy beards in movie history.

If you really need some inspiration for beard styles, rent any one of these movies on DVD to see how the men of Hollywood create their own distinct looks with a little chin growth and some beard balm.


Out on DVD: Hercules (check out the chick with the recurve bow)

2014 was the year of Hercules for Hollywood with the release of two movies featuring the character. Hercules, released by Paramount Pictures with MGM was based off of the Graphic novel, “Hercules: The Thracian Wars” and did it justice in the retelling of the story.

The movie stars Dwayne Johnson in the title role, supported by Ian McShane, Reece Ritchie, and Ingrid Bolso Berdel. Released last July, the DVD publication has been sent to stores just in time for Christmas.

The Hercules in this story is a mere mortal and mercenary, whose great strength comes from within. The movie is flooded with reference to mythology as most of the characters are drawn from there. One to note is Berdel’s Atalanta, an Amazon whose skill with the recurve bow and arrow is a force in itself. The scenes where she impressively pulls back on the recurve bow shows how much hard work and study went into her taking on this character. With not even around yet, I’m hardly sure how they managed to get such great skill and products!

Being a tale revolving around mercenaries, you can imagine that there are quite the few fight scenes and plot twists. Without giving anything away, watch for the hero to be torn between which is the right side to be fighting on.

If you are thinking about a DVD for someone on your holiday gift list, this one is only right for the guy who likes a lot of action without much of a story line. It is a bit annoying that they changed the story behind Hercules, considering that has been a story shared for thousands of years. But if you don’t care much about staying true to mythology, then this won’t bother you.

Berdel was not the only one who put herself through a grueling training to learn how to shoot the recurve bow. Johnson trained for 8 months, locking himself away in Budapest to get his body in shape. Still, he admits that it was well worth it.


In theaters the movie did better than expected, grossing close to $30 million. Not surprisingly, the majority of the audience was male. Which is exactly what you should consider if buying this DVD as a gift.

When reviewed most admitted to being pleasantly surprised, both with the story telling and the action. This is a hard feat for any action movie to accomplish, especially when not headlining a major Hollywood star.

I’d add this to my collection, just for those sexy recurve bow scenes. Consider adding it to yours too, or at least to a guy you know who appreciates great action in a movie.


Classic Out on DVD: Now it’s Easy to See Easy Rider

Way back in 1969, when peace and love were at their peak, Hollywood released “Easy Rider” and the motorcycle world was changed forever. Starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, the movie chronicles the high times of two guys on bikes traveling through the southern American states. If you have never seen this movie before, catch it now because it is a true classic.

The Characters

Your two main characters Wyatt – played by Fonda- and Billy –by Hopper. Get it, like American legends Wyatt Earp and Billy Kid. Wyatt is nicknamed Captain American for his use of the American flag on his leather coat. And the stars and stripes on his motorcycle helmet. Even though rebellious, the guys still know the importance of safety and wearing motorcycle helmets always. Not exactly the number one ranked lids, and it certainly isn’t a top notch Shoei, but you have to start somewhere.. Clearly a free spirit, Wyatt loves to help others they find in their road trip, while Billy –who dresses like an American Indian- is hostile to everyone. Can you see the prejudices being shoved down the throats of American movie goers at that time?


The Premise

Our heroes have just earned a ton of dough from smuggling coke into the country and are on their way to blow it at Mardi Gras. Of course their travels are met with various ups and downs along the way, including a visit to a hippy filled commune and a night in jail.

It is here where my favorite character- George Hanson- makes his first appearance. Hanson –played by my favorite actor Jack Nicholson- is the lawyer who gets the guys out of jail and then decides to ride along with them.

There are a lot of references to drugs in the movie of course, a reflection of the times, and even a scene where the characters are high on LSD. Definitely not for the kids, but if you have an interest in American history at that time, this movie will give you a good idea of the mindset from a broad range of individuals.

While the production will seem rough to those of us used to high tech in cinema, the movie did win a lot of critical acclaim at the time, including Oscar nomination nods for Nicholson. It scored bit at the box office, with an almost $60 million take. An amount that seems like peanuts to us now, but was very significant in the early ‘70’s.

Today, the movie is recognized by the US National Film Registry for its significance in American pop culture. If you know anything about that time period, you will understand that distinction once you see the movie.


Grab Your Sleeping Bag and Head to the Drive In: One of the Few Losses From the 20th Century to Miss

The drive in theater has become something of a meme: “if you know what this is than you are old”. But for anyone who has ever seen “Grease” the allure of watching a movie from the comfort of your car seems pretty friggin’ cool.

Movie hero’s of yesterday all got blown up on the larger than life drive in movie screen. Stars like Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, and John Wayne were just as entertaining then on an outside screen as they are today on a DVD. Just imagine that change in technology. Yet in this case it is not necessarily the best.

Whole families would pack up the station wagon (do they sell those anymore) with sleeping bags and backpacking back packs full of gear. Once the station was put into position, the back door was opened, the sleeping bag rolled out and the snacks ready for the movie to begin. It was like outdoor adventures and a trip the theater all rolled into one.

Just like in Grease, there was always a playground at the drive in. But once those first cartoons started rolling, it was a race to the warmth of the sleeping bag. With so many people headed the same way, sometimes it felt like you needed a compass to find your station wagon. Yet there it always was, in a line with a dozen others.


This was the granddaddy of family fun fight where the entire family was stuffed into the car and forced to sit through an entire length of a movie together. There were few complaints though, as everyone became enchanted with the way the story was unfolding on the screen.

Great Movies for the Drive In

There are those movies that seem to be made for the drive in. They are few and far between, but if you ever get the chance to see one, go for it. Horror flicks, such as the classic Halloween series are always a good choice. I had the opportunity to “Without a Paddle” at a refurbished drive-in not to long ago. This was one of my favorites on DVD, and even funnier on a huge screen.

The premise is simple, Three guys hitting the woods for a camping adventure and getting messed up every step of the way. From having their camping tent destroyed by bears, to a sinking canoe, this is just one laugh after another.

It is unlikely that the simplicity of the drive in is going to return soon, not with everything that modern technology has to offer. This is one of the few perks of the movie going past that is going to be missed.Try setting one up in your own backyards and see what a difference watching a movie outside can make.



Movie Review: 2014’s Jersey Boys Now on DVD

Having grown up in Jersey with the Four Seasons always on the radio, I thought that I was going to absolutely love Clint Eastwood’s adaptation of the Tony Award winning musical. Overall, by the end it all felt.. well flat. Without the music and biographical appeal, I doubt I would have even made it to the closing credits.

The movie starts out in 1951 Jersey, being narrated by Tommy DeVito. It slowly, (very slowly) goes over how the group got together initially, the introduction of Frankie Valli, and gangster Gyp DeCarlo’s interest in him.

I thought the bumbled safe robbery would add some excitement to the story, but even that was a big yawn. In fact, I was nodding off until they finally broke out into “Sherry”. I could only guess that Valli’s portrayer, John Lloyd Young, had taken some online singing lessons from

In fact, the music was the redeeming factor through out the entire movie. These guys may need to go back to acting school, but they don’t need to learn how to sing better as they all sounded like pros. The only thing that would have made the musical side of this movie better would have been if the Four Seasons had showed up and sang the songs themselves.

Having not seen the play, the plot lines were surprising to me. I had no idea that Valli was so prone to trouble or that members of the group had actually left because of his bad gambling habits. The historical aspect of the story was intriguing, but the forced acting kept distracting me from that one good point.

A touching point in the movie was the story behind “can’t take my eyes off of you”. I did not know that Frankie Valli had suffered the loss of his young daughter during this time. This was a pivotal point in the movie, not only for the plot, but it also felt like the actors had finally gotten their stuff together to tell the story realistically.

I have always been drawn to historical movies to help to piece together points in history. There was so much that I had never known about the Four Seasons, or this time in Jersey, that I learned from watching the movie. It was a big surprise to me that Joe Pesci was a personal friend of theirs.

The end result for my review here is mixed. While I enjoyed the historical references and the music, I was unimpressed with the acting. This became annoying at certain points, as it actually took away from that reality that I was relishing.

Will I buy the DVD? Probably, when it goes on sale. Until then, I will be satisfied catching a snippet of “Walk like a Man” on the radio.

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Living a Life of a Movie Star

If you want to be a movie star, you need to know how to live the lives of these professional individuals. It is not that easy to live the life of these know actors and actresses as they seem to be more stressful than our ordinary lives. If you love watching movies that much, you must know that the life of a movie star is what goes on behind the scenes.

Most of these movie started from scratch. It’s not like they have won the lottery or something, they work hard to get there. Some have been discovered after taking parts in a school play or performing at a community center. Some auditioned to be extras or stunt men and women so they can play a part in the movie scene. Some have gone through various acting lessons from various universities and acting studios. Come to think of it, before they even start to have a name in the movie industry, it almost took them a lifetime to be considered a movie star.

Living the life of a movie star doesn’t stop there. Auditioning, playing a part in the movie, getting a supporting role or even getting a lead role are just steps to stardom. Stardom is a cycle that goes on and on and will need patience and dedication to work to achieve your ultimate goal.

If you are planning to get into the movie industry, don’t expect that everything will be smooth sailing. There will be a lot of stress and chances are you will have less time to relax once you are in there. You might be thinking of getting some time off by going to spas and getting some essential oil treatments through an aromatherapy session, sounds very relaxing right? However, the reality behind this is that you need to follow a schedule when you are a movie star and such relaxing activities may only be set through a scheduled appointment. However, tehre are various sites that give you an insight on bringing these techniques into the home or workplace, such as You can find reviews of diffusers and all other types of essential oil gear and how-tos. In fact, we recommend getting an essential oil necklace to rejuvenate you throughout the day if you’re always on the go.

So, if you want to live the life of a movie star, you better start looking forward to unexpected challenges and serious hard work. You will need to clear your mind of negative thoughts and instead focus on what you need to work on so you can deliver your role properly. It may take time until you can be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. But with the right outlook in life, there is nothing impossible for you to achieve.


Watching Outdoor Movies With Your Pet Dog

Are you planning to go outdoors and visit a park where you can watch your favorite movie with your pet? Well, there are ways for you to enjoy this without having to worry about leaving your pet behind as there are a lot of options for you to consider in bringing your pet along with you.

Summer is one of the best times to watch a movie in the park. If you are in Canada, you can even enjoy watching movies in one of the famous parks in Vancouver – Stanley Park. If you haven’t experienced what it is like watching movies outdoors, this is the time of the year for you to enjoy the fresh air in the park and at the same time spend time with your family, love ones and pets watching a good movie for free.

Here’s a cool example of a sort of at-home outdoor movie theater:

What to Bring on Your Movie Night

Since you are deciding to bring your pet along, you will have to consider packing your things and the gear you need to keep your pet dog behaved. Now, knowing that parks usually organize outdoor movie events after dark, you should not forget to bring with you your portable lawn chairs and anything that can keep you warm from the cold fresh air outdoors.

Since you plan to bring your pet with you on this exciting movie night, make sure that you will be visiting a park that has those dog off-leash areas where you can have your dog wander and enjoy being at the park. To make sure that you keep them safe even without a leash, you can make use of the Petsafe Stay and Play wireless fence to allow them to roam on a set perimeter (check out the review we used to make our recommendation).

Using a Wireless Fence

You are probably wondering what these wireless fence can do for your pet. Well, since this type of equipment is harmless as compared to those electronic leashes that gives an electric shock to animals to tame them, you will find your pet dog behave at all times even when you are outdoors. This type of containment system allows your pet to roam free at a certain distance and this surely comes handy on a night out with your pet while watching a movie at the park.

So, you don’t really have to watch movies in theaters if you want to have a different ambiance on your night out. All you have to do is to be a little bit more creative in finding those enjoyable options that will not only make you feel entertained but will as well make your pet feel less abandoned.


Beard Grooming Tips – How to Keep Your Hollywood Movie Actor Manly Look

Most men nowadays would like to resemble the look of their favorite Hollywood movie actor. Well, if this applies to you, then you may simply want to learn on how you will be able to maintain that handsome look even if you want to look like your bearded movie actor from your favorite action movie.

Your Favorite Bearded Movie Stars

Many movie enthusiasts find themselves amazed with the various bearded characters they find in their favorite movie being portrayed by their favorite actor in a variety of personality. Can you give me one movie character portrayed by one of your favorite movie actors?

One perfect example is Tom Hanks. In the movie Cast Away, he played the role of Chuck Noland as whom we know the forgotten FedEx guy who was the main character in the story. Although, this movie was quite a hit, the bearded look of the actor here was then rumored to be fake. Well, that was real facial hair though.

Now if you want to look more of like the mid seventies tough looking guy, you probably may want to emulate Sean Connery’s mid seventies movie character Daniel Dravot in the film The Man Who Would Be King. Sean’s beard in this movie looks definitely unique and it was quite trimmed to fit the character that he played.

Grooming Your Beard

Now that you were able to consider a couple of good examples of bearded movie actors who opted to grow hair to portray their character in their movies, you should consider keeping that beard of yours too. However, you may want to consider grooming your facial hair to keep that movie-actor like look that everybody will admire.

First thing that you need to look into is having the right tool to use in grooming your beard. One of the best options is using a beard trimmer. This will make it easier for you to trim those excess growing hair that makes your beard look awkward for your cool manly look. Such tools can help you shape that beard the way you want it to resemble your favorite movie actor’s manly look.

Although you may opt to use a razor, this may not be advisable for your sensitive skin. By using the right kind of tool to trim that beard, you will never go wrong in copying that manly look of your favorite bearded movie actor. You can as well be creative in using these facial hair trimmers as they allow you to trim hair in various lengths. Go ahead and start trimming your facial hair. It’s time for you to look like a movie star!


How Hollywood actors get that sparkling white smile

Want to be like the stars in Hollywood? Here’s how they get that Movie Star Smile.

Have you ever wondered how those Hollywood celebrities seemingly come with perfect smiles all the time? How is it that they are able to achieve that perfect white teeth while you are off on the side wondering how to do the same thing? Some would say that life is always unfair because all the glamorous get better while normal people just receive mediocrity in the long run when it comes to beauty enhancements. It makes you wonder if those actors have some well guarded secrets that allow them to look pretty and handsome all the time, with the great smile that always seems to accompany them.

Well, believe it or not, anyone can get whiter and better teeth for a great smile. All you need is a good dental partner who can cater to your whims (and hey, if you’re on a budget, that partner can be a good electric tooth brush review site).

Approaching a Cosmetic Dentist

Much like how some people are on the roll for surgeries and procedures that can enhance their beauty, there is also a counterpart for whitening teeth. These dentists, aside from focusing on teeth maintenance, also have the job of making it beautiful. You’ll need a good cosmetic dentist if you wish for picture perfect smile to go with your all new improved teeth. If for some reason you have to get some hardware put in before hand, make sure you learn about flossing with braces and other ways to keep your teeth clean while they become gorgeous.


One of the most common procedures that are employed for teeth whitening is bleaching. This involves cleansing the teeth of discolorations through different means. There are laser procedures or simple ones that makes use of solutions to enhance the teeth. Either way, the patient has the choice about which one is the best one for him. There is also the chance of developing sensitive teeth because of this procedure. Whitening that result from bleaching usually lasts for about several months to three years.

Dental Veneers

Veneers! Ha…

These things are like tooth make up. Dental veneers are custom made thin layers of porcelain or composite materials that can be attached to the tooth to hide its defects. These thin shells are simply attached to your teeth so you get a better appearance. If you are experiencing discolorations or breaks in your teeth, then it can easily be hidden and remedied with veneers. Some Hollywood actors are actually making use of this procedure because it’s easy and more convenient than most. Veneers are made to fit the user so several sessions will need to be taken with your dentists in order to ensure that everything is right.

Maintenance Kits

Aside from the ones mentioned above, whitening teeth for that Hollywood smile can actually be as simple as applying certain gels and liquid solutions. Much like how whitening toothpastes works, these things are directly applied to the tooth. Unfortunately, this procedure will not give you instant results. It might take months or weeks before you can see the difference, but it does work. It’s also quite cheaper compared to other dental whitening procedures. These kits will require the user to apply the treatments regularly. This also serves as an option for Hollywood stars who want to maintain their whiter teeth coloring so it doesn’t deteriorate immediately.


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